Russian couple spend 10 days clinging to trees after being chased by a bear on trail

A couple spent 10 days without food as they continued clinging to trees so that they didn’t end up being a bear’s prey.

Anton and Nina Bogdanov had gone for a drive to Banniye hot springs in eastern Russia.

Unfortunately, their Mitsubishi Pajero got stuck in a deep puddle in the Kamchatka region. The couple spent a night in their SUV before heading towards a tourist base at the springs to get help.

They had no other option except moving from their place as there was no mobile signal. Both Anton and Nina were aware of the threat from bears and so they wrote “Left for the base. Two people” on their SUV’s windscreen.

While they were on their way to the base camp, the couple got followed by a bear. Initially, they were not even aware of the fact that there is a bear behind them as it was very silent. After they saw the predator, the couple tried to scare him away.

The bear at first moved backwards giving them the impression that they had managed to scare him. However, this was not the case as it ran behind them. The two of them raced 200 yards down a slope towards a river to save their lives.

Nina revealed that there was a moment where her husband was almost attacked by the bear. At that time she threw her water bottle on the animal to distract him and within that duration her husband climbed a tree.

The woman claimed that the bear guarded both of them for two days and so they had no option but to take turns while sleeping.

Finally, after two days when the bear seemed to have backed off the duo jumped into the river. Since the bear was still behind them they had no other option but to climb another tree to save their lives.

Somehow they managed to move short distances in the direction of their car. When they eventually reached their SUV they saw vehicles coming towards them for help. A rescuer named Artur had found them when they reached their car.