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Russian Astronauts Plugged Leaking American Toilets In ISS

Russian news media have reported that the American toilets in the International Space Station (ISS) burst last week. This prompted astronauts to catch several gallons of fluid by towels.

Sounds like this is the latest escalation between Russia and US after both nations withdrew from the INF treaty.

Sputnik News a mouthpiece close to the Russian Government reported that toilet in the U.S. section of the ISS malfunctioned on Friday, spilling water into the microgravity environment.

Water is a very precious and scarce resource in the space station. Filtration systems recycle shower water, sweat and urine.

Russian astronauts fixed the leak after separating the supply and leaked lines. Close to 10 litres of water was collected by the crew using towels.

Tensions are not here just on Earth in space as well. Last year too when a hole was discovered in the International space station Russian authorities called it a sabotage.

(The Pigeon Express– This awful but funny incident has already poured blame on American toilets. Forget good ties on earth, space ties too weakening. Recently, Trump administration asked NASA to cut down space ties with Russia, he also reduced funding for the ISS.

In-fact Trump preponed the project to commission nuke missiles in space for the US army.)