Russian and US military vehicles collide in Syria; both blame each other

Russian and United States armoured military vehicles collide in north-eastern Syria blame each other for the collision.

Video of the collision was broadcast by a Russian media showed Russian military vehicle in a desert convoy ramming a US armoured car, as a Russian helicopter flies low overhead.

Russia says the US obstructed a patrol.

The Russian defence ministry said it had given the US military prior warning that it would be patrolling in the area.

“Despite that, in violation of existing agreements, the US armed forces soldiers tried to block the Russian patrol,” said a ministry statement.

“In response to that, the Russian military police took necessary measures to prevent an incident and to carry on fulfilling the mission they had been given.”

The White House National Security Council (NSC) said a Russian vehicle had struck a US mine-resistant all-terrain vehicle, “causing injuries to the vehicle’s crew”.

Several US troops were reportedly injured in the collision.

The US has about 500 troops in the area to help secure it against any further threat from Islamic State (IS) jihadists.