Russia University Shooting: At least 8 killed in Perm, video shows students jumping from windows to escape

At least eight people were killed after a gunman opened fire at a university in the Russian city of Perm, officials say.

The assailant walked on to the campus on Monday morning and started shooting.

Students and teachers barricaded themselves inside the university building; others were seen jumping from windows.

Police say they wounded and detained the attacker, who is said to be a student.

The local health ministry says 19 people were injured in the attack.

The incident occurred at 11:00am at Perm State University, located around 1,300 kilometres east of the capital, Moscow, in the Urals.

Videos circulating on social media shows students throwing belongings out of windows from buildings on campus before jumping to flee the shooter.

Some reports say the gunman had written on social media that he was acting alone and had no political or religious motives.

The gunman was identified as a student at the university, according to the Investigative Committee that handles probes into major crimes.

One of the university’s professors, Ivan Pechishchev, told reporters that he saw students running from a building, and people jumping out of the second floor as he went to class.

“They jumped out in some horror, screaming,” he said. “One of the students told me that it was a shooting. I heard pops, everyone began to scatter in different directions. I went to my students in the second building and continued to hear the pops.”

According to Prof Pechishchev, there are about 10 buildings on the Perm University campus, and the security service immediately blocked all buildings and passages.

Perm University posted a message on social networks urging students who were in the building to stay in the classrooms.

Russia has strict restrictions on civilian firearm ownership, but some categories of guns are available for purchase for hunting, self-defence or sport, once would-be owners have passed tests and met other requirements.

The shootings were the latest in a series.

Earlier this year a lone teenage gunman opened fire at a school in the city of Kazan in May, killing nine people and wounding many more.

That was Russia’s deadliest school shooting since 2018 when a student at a college in Russian-annexed Crimea killed 20 people before turning his gun on himself.

Russia raised the legal age for buying firearms from 18 to 21 after the Kazan shooting, but the new law has yet to come into force.