Russia limits Nord Stream 1 gas supply to 20% citing repairs

Russia’s Gazprom said it would again reduce gas deliveries through Nord Stream 1 by 20% for ‘repairs,’ cutting the current flow in half. The new blow to supply comes as Europe scrambles to store gas for winter.

Russian gas giant Gazprom said on Monday it was cutting daily gas deliveries via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to 33 million cubic metres starting from Wednesday.

That would correspond to 20% of the pipeline’s capacity. The current flow of gas into Germany is only at 40%.

The company said it was halting the operation of another turbine due to the “technical condition of the engine”.

The full capacity of Nord Stream 1 is over 160 cubic meters of gas exported daily. Stopping the turbine will result in reduced capacity of 33 million cubic meters. Gazprom said the production capacity is to be reduced at Russia’s Portovaya compressor station.

“We are monitoring the situation very closely in close exchange with the Federal Network Agency and the gas crisis team,” the German Economics Ministry said.

“According to our information, there is no technical reason for a reduction in deliveries,” it added.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said that “Russia is breaking contracts and blaming others,” adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing a “duplicitous game.”

Moscow maintains the gas flow reductions are due to repairs and technical complications brought on by European sanctions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Germany says the cuts are not the result of maintenance or technical issues but are punishment for EU sanctions.