Russia dumps fake snow on Moscow streets to fight warmest winter

Moscow dumped artificial snow in several parts of the city centre as the Russian capital is experiencing its warmest December since 1886. Most of the fake snow, however, melted away soon after.

Trucks dumping fake snow on the streets were circulated across social media. “Moscow is experiencing its warmest winter since 1886. Fake snow needed for New Year’s celebration. Get used to this,” a user captured a picture.

Mild snowfall occurred in Moscow on December 30 while forecast said that it could snow further down the week.

Artificial snow that has been dumped on Moscow streets was made from ice available at skating rinks in the Russian capital.

Roman Vilfand, head of Russia’s weather forecasting agency, in fact, said that 2019 was Russia’s warmest year. This sort of weather during winters in Russia also indicates the increasing impact of global warming.

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