Rude Haryana BJP Sports Minister Mocks Shooter

Twitter witnessed a war of words between Haryana Sports Minister Anil Vij and shooter Manu Bhaker over a promised cash reward.

The controversy was sparked off when the 16-year-old sportswomen who wondered if Mr Vij actually intended to honour his promise of giving her a cash reward of INR₹ 2 crore for winning the Youth Olympic Games back in October, 2018.

Manu Bhaker had quoted the BJP politician Anil Vij’s older tweets in a screenshots with a simple query, “Sir, Please confirm if it is correct… Or just Jumla (false promise)…”

The screenshots clearly showed Mr Vij announcing that Haryana’s BJP – led administration will grant the young sportswoman  a cash prize of INR 2 crore.

The shooter’s query sparked an uproar on social media, forcing the politician to come out with a clarification that the government does intend to award her.

The BJP minister Vij tweeted to reiterate that the 16 year old would receive her cash reward but at the same time questioned the players ‘sense of discipline’ and asked the teen to ‘focus on her game’.

Ace shooter Manu Bhaker made her mark in shooting ranges across the world by winning multiple golds in the ISSF World Cup and Commonwealth Games, besides the top prize at the Youth Olympics last October.