Royal family prohibited Meghan Markle from defending herself, court papers reveal

Court documents revealed that the The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle felt unprotected while she was carrying Archie.

Meghan’s lawyers say that she was prohibited from defending herself” from media intrusion by the Royal family.

The documents were revealed when her lawyer submitted paperwork on the case against British tabloids. In February 2019, details of a ‘private and confidential’ letter from the duchess to her father Thomas Markle was published.

Meghan is suing the newspapers for misuse of her private conversations.

Apart from her pregnancy, the documents also reveal the relationship she shared with her father in the run up to her marriage with Prince Harry.

It also says that she disabled her social media profile accounts after she was engaged to Harry.

The continuous media glare after her marriage, pregnancy had taken a toll on her mental health. Documents say that she was “unprotected by the Institution” of the royal family and “prohibited from defending herself.”

Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in January announced that they would be stepping down from their royal duties, move to the North America and begin life as commoners by footing their own bills.

The Sussexes attended their final Royal engagement in March.