Royal Bengal tiger with collar prowling in front of Houston house baffles neighbourhood

A viral video of the Royal Bengal Tiger prowling around the front yard of a house in Texas’s west Houston on Monday has baffled users of the internet.

A resident of 1100 block of Ivy Wall Drive near the intersection of Highway 6 and Memorial Drive reported to the police about the wild animal at around 5.30 am local time.

According to the Houston police command centre, the panicked resident told police that the tiger “had a collar around its neck” and was staring at the residents.

Some neighbours had also started to come on the street with “guns”.

When the cops arrived at the spot, neighbours told them that an unknown person came in a white Jeep Cherokee, got the tiger under control and took it away.

It is unclear who the animal belonged to and where it came from. Several videos and pictures of the incident have been shared on social media

In a video, the big cat with a collar can be seen roaming around a residential area. An unknown man can also be seen in the clip pointing what appears to be a gun at the wild animal. He also yells at another man, who appears to be the owner, to take the tiger inside. The owner assures him that he will get hold of the wild animal.