Robbery suspect surrenders after getting tired during police chase

A robbery suspect tried to get away from police but did not account for him running out of breath.

Seattle police said a group of about six people walked up to a 29-year-old man on Monday around 5:15am.

Someone in the group told the man they wanted to switch jackets with him, but the man declined and tried to walk off.

However, the group then jumped him, stole his jacket, phone, cash and shoes.

Police arrived quickly and the victim pointed out the suspects, who split up when officers tried to catch up with them.

One of the suspects, who was wearing the stolen jacket, jumped on a bike and tried to ride away. Police kept up with him to the 100 block of University, where the suspect ditched the bike and started running before giving up.

The stolen items were returned. The suspect, 26, said he had used drugs so Seattle fire crews checked him out and could not find any signs of medical issues. The suspect is facing a robbery charge.