Robber slips and freezes on ice just when police officer passes by

A bank robber who robbed a bank ran four lanes of traffic and a restaurant parking area before slipping on ice dropping his gun and stolen money right in front of a state police special agent.

The strong winds took with it dollar bills flying across the parking lot, said the police chief Joseph Massey of Waterville, in central Maine.

Snowfall in Maine

The special agent Glenn Lang who witnessed the robber falling, couldn’t understand what had taken place but smelt a rat when he saw green bucks in the breeze. Lang, got out of his car and immediately handcuffed the man and hauled him off to jail.

When the money scattered across the parking lot, the public tried to scoop it up. However police officers reached the area and retrieved the stolen money.

This is what you call being at the right place right time.

F.Y.I Where is Maine?

Maine is a north-easternmost U.S. state, it’s  known for its jagged, rocky coastline; low, rolling mountains and heavily forested interiors. The temperature in Maine reaches a negative 18 degrees during winters.

Currently it’s brazing a severe snowstorm with temperatures couple of degrees below the zero mark.