Right Wing Find Surf Excel Advertisement Promoting Hindu-Muslim Harmony Offensive

Over the past few days right wing social media accounts  have been trending to boycott Surf Excel after they found the brands advertisement promoting Hindu-Muslim harmony.

For those who are wondering what Surf Excel is, it is popular powder-detergent used in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan for washing clothes. The product is manufactured by a company called Hindustan Unilever.

The brand released a one minute advertisement for the festival of colors, Holi. The ad features two kids a young Hindu girl and a Muslim boy. The girl, dressed in a white t-shirt, chooses to get stained in Holi colours to protect her Muslim friend who has to go to a nearby mosque. And the advertisement ends with a it’s classic tagline “daag acche hain,” which means stains are good.

It’s very well clear that the brand was trying to promote religious harmony between Hindu-Muslim. However the advertisement did not go well with some people from the Hindu community. Right wing accounts tweeted that the account promotes  love jihad and it showcases that namaz was more important than Holi.

(Love Jihad – Wikipedia says Love Jihad is an “alleged campaigns under which Muslim men target women belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love.”)

Below are a few tweets from both ends of the spectrum:-

Anti Surf Excel Tweets

Pro Surf Excel Tweets