Rescuers find a lifeless Julen

Rescuers found the remains of the two year old boy Julen Rosello on the 12th day after he was trapped in a borewell in the town of Totalan, southern Spain.

Julen fell into a 100 meter borewell on the 13th of January while playing in the area. Hundreds of people were working round the clock in the search and rescue operations. The operations faced plentiful technical glitches.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez wrote on Twitter, "All of Spain feels the infinite sadness of Julen's family. We have followed closely every step to reach him, We will always appreciate the tireless effort of those who searched for him during all these days."

The incident has left the Spanish people on the edge, condolences and vigils were sighted all through these days.

What happened?

Julen fell into an illegal, unmarked borewell. Rescuers were unable to get into the well directly due to a layer of earth, sand and stones.

They decided to dig a 60 meter shaft parallel to the well. Once the shaft was completed the idea was to secure it with tubes. However the tubes wouldn't fit in, so the shaft had to be expanded.

Then a cage specially designed for elite group of miners were lowered into the shaft to dig a horizontal tunnel to the place where the boy was believed to be.

During the course of these days rescuers were unable to establish contact with the boy. However they did find strands of hair and a bag of sweets he was holding in his hand.

The loss has shocked the world and more importantly Julen's parents. His parents earlier lost another child, Oliver, aged three, in 2017 due to cardiac problems.