Rescue operations enter day 8 – Spanish toddler

Efforts to rescue the trapped Spanish toddler entered the 8th day on Monday after overnight digging. Rescuers are digging a vertical shaft parallel to the borewell the two year old Julen Rosello fell in.

A special team of miners will manually dig the last 4 meters of the hole to the spot the boy.

Engineer incharge of the operations, Ángel García Vidal expects the work to continue upto Tuesday. The drilling machine takes regular pauses for maintenance work. The complex digging which would take months to execute is managed in days.

The boy had fallen into the illegal borewell on the 13th of January. Search and rescue crew have been working tirelessly to get the boy out safely. Oxygen is being supplied continuously into the 100 meter hole. A camera sent in to locate the boy could not go beyond 70 meter mark due to debris.

The Totalan town has been holding vigils to support Julen’s parents, who lost another 3 year old child in 2017 due to a cardiac arrest.