Rescue operations enter day 5 – Spanish toddler

Rescue crew continue to dig the tunnel in hope to rescue the 2 year old boy Julen Rosello who is trapped in a borewell since 5 days in Spain. Drilling equipment and pipes reached the site to start the digging of the vertical tunnel.

The toddler slipped in to the 330 foot deep and 10 inch wide well on Sunday. Rescue work has been blocked by a giant rock two-third down the way. This prompts the rescue crew to design alternate routes in order to reach the boy.

The boy's father (left)

Authorities say the terrain's geography is complicated. They believe that Julen is still alive as there is continuous supply of oxygen provided.

More than 100 firefighters and emergency crew have been deployed. The hole is too narrow for an adult to enter so rescue workers have been trying to drill parallel holes. they also sent a robotic camera into the hole but failed to spot the boy.