Reliance Jio Phone 3 Specs Leaked

Specifications of the Jio phone 3 have surfaced online on various platforms, here is a list of the specifications we’ve put together for you.

Reliance Jio would be looking to launch the Jio Phone 3, the successor of the Jio Phone 2 in June-July this year. The Jio Phone 3 will be smartphone, pose a 5 inch touch screen.

The phone will most likely have 2GB RAM and 64GB internal storage along with an external microSD card slot to expand the capacity.

It’s reported that the Jio phone 3 will pose a 5 megapixel back sensor, while a 2 megapixel front sensor. The price of the phone would be about INR₹ 4,500 which is equivalent to US$ 60.

Reports are still unclear as to what software will it carry. Should the company abandon the KaiOS and to go for android? Speculations are that the Jio Phone 3 may get a strip down android version called the android Go.

The reveal is expected in July this year, and will on sale in August. It will be available both online and offline, at it’s digital stores.