Rajya Sabha marshals’ navy blue uniform to be revisited

The uniform of marshals in the elder’s house – the Rajya Sabha which debuted on the opening day of the winter session of parliament on Monday to much criticism, is being reconsidered.

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, the chairman of the Rajya Sabha declared that he had asked his secretariat to revisit the uniforms.

As the Rajya Sabha marked its 250th session, the marshals were seen in new uniforms that many said resembled that of the armed forces.

The navy blue uniform, with shoulder insignias, gold buttons and gold aiguillette – ornamental braided cord worn on army or academic uniforms. The peaked cap was like those worn by Army officers of the rank of Brigadier and above.

The marshals earlier wore white bandhgalas with a safa.

Top former officers from the military gave the makeover bad reviews.

When the Congress’s Jairam Ramesh was heard asking Venkaiah Naidu whether “martial law” has been imposed in the Rajya Sabha. Then Naidu, the Chairman said: “don’t raise insignificant queries at such a significant hour.”

Marshals in the Rajya Sabha, help with getting documents, removing them or arranging them. They have to march before the chairman or the presiding officer of the house at the beginning of the proceedings in a ceremonial fashion.

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