Rajnath Singh pins blame for Karnataka’s crisis on Rahul Gandhi

Union Minister Rajnath Singh today said in Parliament that the ruling BJP had “nothing to do with” the crisis in Karnataka, where the Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) coalition government is handing off a cliff.

Rajnath Singh said in the Lok Sabha, “Our party does not put pressure on any other party’s lawmaker or legislator. It is Rahul Gandhi who started the resignation spree.”

Rajnath Singh’s comments came as the Congress in parliament accused the ruling party of trying to destabilize state governments to seize power. The ruling coalition in Karnataka plunged into crisis after 13 lawmakers resigned and an independent MLA withdrew support from the coalition.

With 14 MLAs exit, the coalition numbers drop to 104, while the majority stands at 106. The BJP, after winning the support of that one independent lawmaker, will have 106 which is enough to claim stake.

BJP Karnataka chief BS Yeddyurappa had said, “Let’s wait and watch. Are we sanyasis(hermits)? After the resignation process is over and the speaker takes his decision, leaders of our party will discuss and decide.”

Yeddyurappa was chief minister for three days before he was forced to step down after failing to gather enough numbers to form government in May last year.

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