Rahul Gandhi officially resigns from the post of Congress President

Rahul Gandhi has resigned from the post of Congress President, he broke the news via a tweet. “It is an honour for me to serve the Congress party, whose values and ideals have served as the lifeblood of our beautiful nation. I owe the country and my organisation a debt of tremendous gratitude and love,” Mr. Gandhi said.

Speculations are that senior most Congress leader Motilal Vora will be the interim Congress president.

It has been a fashion in the Congress that, until the appointment of a party president the Congress would be led by the most senior most member of the party.

Earlier, while speaking with reporters at Parliament, “Party should decide on the new president quickly without further delay. I am nowhere in this process. I have already submitted my resignation and I am no longer the party president.”

Rahul Gandhi added that the next chief should not be from the Nehru-Gandhi family, and most importantly the CWC to elect a new should convene a meeting at the earliest to decide.

Following the Lok Sabha elections disaster, Rahul Gandhi submitted his resignation at the Congress Working Committee meet on the 25th of May taking full responsibility. However, the CWC had unanimously rejected Rahul’s resignation. Over the past couple of weeks several senior leaders, including Congress Chief Ministers met with Mr. Gandhi to convince him over rethinking his decision.

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