Rahul Gandhi Attacks Modi’s Diplomacy With China Over Masood Azhar

The politics over Masood Azhar kicked soon after China blocked to designate Jaish-e Mohammad chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist in the United Nations Security council.

Congress party chief Rahul Gandhi tweeted against Modi’s diplomacy with China, labelled PM Modi “weak”.

Rahul tweeted –

Rahul attacked Narendra Modi for hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping in India and for attending a summit meeting in Wuhan, as none of the hugging and cozy diplomacy worked here at the UNSC.

The Government of India registered a protest against China soon after the result at UNSC. India said that they were “disappointed by this outcome”. China who is a long standing friend of Pakistan, vetoed the move to ban Masood Azhar in the UNSC on Wednesday.

Azhar is heading the dreaded terrorist front Jaish-e-Mohammed who is responsible for the Pulwama terror attacks that killed 40 CRPF personnel on 14th of February.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion – The Prime Minister of India is known for his weird ways of diplomacy, some worked and some haven’t, it’s evident. History is proof that our relations with China were never good.

During the UPA China started issuing stapled visas to people from Arunachal Pradesh, which still continues. China enhanced building dams, blocking India’s share of water, and causing unprecedented flooding of the Brahmaputra river. And during the NDA China was granted more field play in the Indian market, in terms of technology and goods. Also the Doklam standoff been PLA and Indian army, triggered tensions.)