Rahul Gandhi and his 51 Lok Sabha lawmakers will fight the BJP every day

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi  addressed party lawmakers in Central hall of the Parliament complex, newly elected MPs from Lok Sabha attended and members from the Rajya Sabha as well. In his meet Mr. Gandhi said that the party still has 52 lawmakers in parliament and they “will fight the BJP every day”.

“When we had 45 members last time, I felt it is going to be really a tough job. I felt that the BJP has 282, we are 45… within a couple of weeks I realised that 45 Congress Members are enough to take on 282 BJP members,” Rahul said.

The Congress winners, he said said, must “understand who you are”.

“You are probably the first people in this country’s independent history, who have fought an election not against a political party but against every single institution in this country. There is not one institution that did not fight you and tried to stop you from coming into the Lok Sabha and you fought every single one of those institutions and you forced your way into the Lok Sabha. And that is something you should be extremely proud of,” Mr. Gandhi added.

The position of the Leader of the Congress was occupied by party veteran Mallikarjun Kharge in the last Lok Sabha. Mr. Kharge, however, has lost the election this time, beaten by the BJP candidate from Karnataka’s Gulbarga.

Rahul Gandhi’s message in a way is taken as a positive indication that he may have rethought his decision to quit as Congress Party President.  However, there is no clarification or confirmation on his resignation as yet, also it’s still unclear if Rahul Gandhi would be the Congress’s leader in Lok Sabha.

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