Rafale Deal: Rahul Gandhi Says PM “Performed Bypass Surgery”

Rahul Gandhi addressed the media today, a day after the Supreme Court held a hearing on the jet deal. Mr. Gandhi said that there is “enough evidence” to prosecute the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Congress President alleged that there is an “obvious cover-up” and “destruction of evidence”.

Mr. Gandhi raised questions on the “Chowkidaar (watchman),” referring to the prime minister. He said that since the government have accepted that crucial papers were stolen, it only confirms that the papers were authentic.

The Government’s lawyer Attorney General KK Venugopal told the court yesterday that the critical Rafale documents were stolen from the defence ministry. He also told the court that there is a criminal investigation underway, and people involved would be prosecuted under the official secrets act.

The Congress and the other opposition parties have been questioning the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister’s Office to conduct parallel negotiations to purchase the Rafale jets. The documents in public domain reveal that the Ministry of Defence was undermined by the Prime Minister’s Office. It simply raises questions if the Prime Minister Modi followed the standard procedures before negotiating a new deal?

In his classic use of language Rahul Gandhi said, the “PM Modi performed bypass surgery in Rafale deal,” to “benefit Anil Ambani”.