Raccoon freed 2 hours after being stuck in sewer grill

Raccoon went viral after he was snapped by U.S. firefighters managing to look simultaneously startled and cute as it bungled to escape from a sewer on Thursday.

The local fire department tweeted after freeing the trapped mammal, “He had been stuck for a while but we are happy to report he is free!!!”

Firefighters were dispatched when a passing cyclist saw the raccoon clinging desperately to the grill, head and tiny paws visible through the metal struts.

Newton Fire Lieutenant Michael Bianchi said, “we sent a fire truck and we tried to remove his head from the sewer grate with soap and water.”

When that failed, the firefighters called in local government animal control experts, who sedated the raccoon, calming it enough to pull its head out of the grate.

The whole rescue mission lasted two hours.

Raccoons, which are omnivorous, live around two to three years in the wild.

They are known for their strange fixation with “washing” their food and hands, a ritual believed by scientists to be related to their innate tendency to forage for food near water sources.


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