Rabbit flies in her own business-class seat

A rabbit travelled 11-hour United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Japan with her owner in the business-class.

Coco, the rabbit, had her own seat, cushion and blanket. She was even served the in-house ice cream sundae service.

She donned a classy bow-tie and had the cabin crew swooning over her. So much so that they even swapped duties so they could go and meet her in turns, Mirror UK reported.

Pictures of her sitting smugly on her seat have gone viral.

This was not the first time the furry pet was on a flight though. She had to also take a long flight when her owner Takako Ogawa, co-founder and CEO of analytics startup Panalyt Japan, moved to California from Japan. But then, the rabbit travelled in the hold (luggage cabin).

This time, her 32-year-old owner feared her bunny was too old to be safe in the hold for the long trip. So, the CEO registered her pet as an emotional support animal by paying $100 and received the permission of bringing her in the cabin.

After boarding, Takako saw the seat next to her was empty and asked if Coco could be allowed to sit there.

Soon, the eight-year-old rabbit had her own seat to snuggle up on. Being a good girl that she is, Coco only hopped around and explored the new surroundings inside her cubicle.