Queen Mother left Prince Harry more money than Prince William

When Princess Diana died her fortune was split equally between her two sons.

However when the Queen Mother passed away five years later, Prince Harry inherited a substantially larger amount of his great grandmother’s £14 million fortune than his older brother Prince William.

Queen Elizabeth’s late mother wanted to effectively protect Prince Harry’s financial future in her will, considering he was second in line to the throne.

After all when Prince Charles becomes King, Prince William will inherit his role as the Prince of Wales, which means William will take over the Duchy of Cornwall and all the private estate that entails.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry as the second son will get nothing.

The Queen Mother effectively gave Harry financial compensation to make up for the line of succession.

Harry and Meghan’s personal wealth almost £100 million

Since moving to California and stepping down as working royals, the couple have secured a number of lucrative business deals thought to be worth millions.

Last year the Sussexes signed a multi-year deal with Netflix for an undisclosed amount, with plans to make documentaries, docu-series, feature films, scripted shows and children’s programming for the streaming platform.

They also have a deal with Spotify to deliver podcasts which is reported to be worth £18 million, as well as several other potential sources of income.

In December, Meghan invested in a company called Clevr Blends which makes instant oat-milk lattes.

Prince Harry is thought to have inherited around £23 million from Princess Diana and the Queen mother.

Before stepping down as working royals the Duke supposedly received a yearly allowance of around £2.5 million from Prince Charles. While working in the military for 10 years, he reportedly made £38,000 a year.

Meghan was worth £3 million before she married Prince Harry.

Together they are thought to be worth £96 million.