Queen Elizabeth may never step out in public again in 2020 due to coronavirus pandemic

The British queen has never been away from public engagements since she became the sovereign after her father, King George VI, died in 1952. However, there might be a change in her schedule and commitment to the royal duties for a few months.

Queen Elizabeth II went into quarantine back on March 19, when a member of her palace was found to be covid-19 positive. Ever since she has been isolating at the Windsor Castle along with her husband Prince Philip and 22 royal staff members.

While the medical facilities suggest a quarantine for 14-21 days to avoid coronavirus, the experts believe that the royal might stay in self-isolation for months or years until the UK is free from coronavirus.

Talking to The Sun, Royal biographer Andrew Morton said that he feared the Queen might never return to her regular duties due to the deadly disease. As per him, the monarch will most likely be seen on TV or video instead of making public appearances.

Meanwhile, the Buckingham Palace’s spokesperson maintained that the British queen is ‘busy’ with her schedule. She is taking regular updates of the coronavirus situation, discussing it with Prime Minister Boris Johnson over phone. She is also continuing to sign and read the daily red boxes of Government papers.

She celebrated her 94th birthday on April 24 while being in quarantine at Windsor Castle.