Quarantined traveller attempts escape at Auckland hotel using bed sheet rope

A traveller who was quarantined at an Auckland hotel was caught while trying to escape after tying bed sheets together to scale four storeys down.

The man had been deported from Australia on September 16, and tested negative on day three and day 12 of his stay.

The bed sheet ladder was discovered by on-site security, said Air Commodore Darryn Webb, head of managed isolation and quarantine.

The man – who had been deported from Australia earlier this month – was swiftly taken into custody by police.

The police launched an inquiry including a CCTV review to establish he man’s movements in the time he was outside the facility.

Security at the facility has been beefed up since the incident.

The deportee has been asymptomatic throughout his 12-day stay.

In New Zealand 55,000 people have been through New Zealand’s Managed Isolation and Quarantine and 13 of whom have absconded in nine different incidents.