Qantas Airlines launches ‘Mystery Flights’ to lure flyers in bid to revive dying business

The coronavirus pandemic has badly affected the aviation industry. To up revenues amid deep losses Australia’s Qantas Airlines has re-started an old gimmick to lure flyers ‘Mystery Flights’.

Qantas is launching the day-trip flights across Australia in a bid to revive domestic travel and tourism in Australia

‘Mystery flights’ are just like regular flights. The only difference is that in this case, flyers are not told the destination in advance. Unlike regular flights wherein flyers buy tickets to go to a particular destination, ‘mystery flights’ maintain an angle of mystery and flyers have no idea where the flight may land.

Typically, the destinations are at a distance from where to and fro flights are possible within the span of a day.

The concept is similar to the concept of “flights to nowhere” that Qantas experimented with last year, even as the pandemic and ensuing lockdown pushed the aviation industry against the wall.

To deal with losses and encourage Covid-safe tourism, Qantas introduced “flights to nowhere” – day flights that would take off and land in the same airport. Without halting anywhere, the flights would cover several Australian locations before touching down from the same airport.

Travel restrictions caused due to the pandemic led to several airlines slashing their number of employees and some even shut down.