Puppy gets head stuck in spare car tyre

An adorable puppy landed itself in trouble when it got its head stuck in a spare tyre. The incident took place in California and the Riverside County Animal Services posted about it on Twitter. Luckily, the puppy is now safe.

The Twitter handle shared a picture of the doggo stuck in a tyre and wrote, “Breaking news: we are doing all we can to assist this pup. She got herself stuck in this spare tyre in #Coachella. We oiled her up, but her neck is swollen. She is now sedated – and our friends with fire department en route. #WheeliePup #RivCoNOW #PuppyPredicament”

After the failed attempt to take the puppy out from the tyre, firefighters were called. With a series of tweets, the Twitter handle of the animal shelter kept updating the puppy’s rescue mission.

Going by the tweets, a team of firefighters arrived to rescue the dog. They used a machine to safely cut a piece in the wheel so as to provide enough space for the dog to come out.

Within a few moments, the tyre was cut and the 3-month-old Australian cattle puppy came out.

Check out the complete video of its rescue here: