Puppies take a ‘field trip’ at the Georgia Aquarium after it closed doors to visitors amid coronavirus

Two puppies had a field day running around and making new friends at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta on Thursday. While the aquarium is temporarily closed to public due to the coronavirus crisis, staff at the Atlanta Humane Society took two of their puppies on a trip there

According to the society, the puppy siblings, named Odie and Carmel, “made all sorts of exciting discoveries and lots of new friends” at the aquarium. Viral footage of the trip shows the two small pups running around the aquarium and watching different fish.

Another video of the visit, shared by Georgia Aquarium, also shows Odie and Carmel nodding off after tiring themselves out. “No ruff days here, just a couple of cute puppers from @AtlantaHumane exploring our Ocean Voyager habitat,” they wrote while sharing the video.

These videos come as museums, aquariums, zoos and theme parks around the world temporarily shut their gates to visitors to contain the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus. Before this, it was a video of penguins waddling around an aquarium in Chicago that had left the Internet delighted.