Pune Man Saw “Aliens” Wrote To Prime Minister

A man from Pune, India sent an email to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in New Delhi, claiming that he spotted an alien like object outside his home.

The PMO forwarded the letter to the Maharashtra government, which led to the Pune police to launch a probe. The police tracked the man. The probe revealed that the man was 47 years old and was suffering from a mental ailment.

Police said that the man had a brain hemorrhage some years ago and since then he has lost his mental balance.

Few months ago he saw light in the trees outside his bungalow and thought it was coming from some alien object. He felt that this “alien object” was sending critical information about Earth to its home planet, and worte an email to the Prime Minister.

The family of this man were not aware that he had written an email to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.