Protesters stay put at Hong Kong campus surrounded by riot police

Some 100 people are holded up as riot police encircled the campus, with some activists desperately searching for ways to escape while others hid.

Many protesters are still holded up were holding out not for a showdown with police, but because they were innocent and looking for an escape route.

“I won’t consider surrendering. Surrendering is for people who are guilty. None of us inside are guilty,” Michelle, a 20-year-old student, said on the campus of Polytechnic University.

Rubbish has piled up around the campus, with trash and debris from homemade petrol bombs strewn across the grounds. Many protesters have abandoned their equipment, including gas masks and umbrellas.

Much of the campus is damaged, with rooms vandalized and windows shattered. Electricity and water are still functioning.

The Hong Kong university is in the center of the bustling Kowloon peninsula, and its the last campus still occupied by activists during a week that saw the most intense violence since the anti-government demonstrations escalated more than five months ago.

Earlier this week, many protesters surrendered while others were held during escape attempts that included clambering down from a bridge to waiting motorbikes and fleeing through the sewers.

Meanwhile, most parts of the city still remained calm for the past two nights ahead of District Council elections set for Sunday. The government said late on Wednesday it was closely monitoring the situation to see whether the elections could be held safely.

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