Prohibitory orders imposed in Karnataka ahead of massive protests against Citizenship law

Karnataka police have imposed section 144,  that bans the gatherings of four or more persons in parts of the state including the capital city for three days from Thursday. prohibitory

“Protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act were happening without permission… There has been stone-throwing during processions that has injured people and damaged property. So we have taken a decision to not allow this. From 6 am tomorrow to midnight December 21, there will be prohibitory orders in Bengaluru. No procession or rally will be allowed,” Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao said.

“This is to protect the people. Schools, colleges, bank, offices, commercial establishment, cinemas malls will function normally. Normal life will go on. No need to be afraid, just go about your business. Young people can go to school and college but cannot take part in these protests,” he added.

Mega protests were planned in at the Town Hall in Bengaluru tomorrow at 11 am. Opposition parties also planned a protest at the Mysore Bank Circle around the same time.

Earlier this week, protesters had been stopped from occupying the steps of the Town Hall in Bengaluru where demonstrations are usually permitted. A water cannon and barricades were in place to deter demonstrators. Students were taken away from the location on Tuesday.

Massive protests have erupted across India against the new Citizenship (Amendment) Act, and has often ended with violent clashes with police. The controversial law gives non-Muslims from from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh citizenship.

“The basic fundamental of a democracy is the space for descent. However, with the growing curbs on protests and agitations, it forces critics to question if India continues to remain a democracy?” – concerned citizen.  

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