Professor gives online class while taking bath in bathtub

A professor at Hanyang University allegedly gave an online class while taking a bath.

The professor, whose name was withheld, was giving an online lecture with only audio available. But the camera was accidentally turned on, revealing his upper body above the waterline to his students, according to local broadcaster SBS.

He switched off the camera immediately and continued giving the lecture. However, the sound of water splashing in the bathtub continued.

“It was an utter shock. I came in for a lecture, not for a hot bath. The professor made no comment on the incident and went on with the class as if nothing had happened. But we kept hearing the water splash,” one of the students said.

The students suspected that this was not the first time for the professor to give a lecture from the comfort of his bathtub, recalling the sound of water splashing during audio-only online classes before, as well as the fact the professor’s voice often echoed, as if he was in a tile-walled bathroom.

The professor sent an email of apology to the students to claim that he had a high fever after receiving the second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine and the “unfortunate event” happened because he was trying his best not to cancel the class.

Hanyang University said it will hold a personnel committee meeting to get to the bottom of the incident and decide whether to take disciplinary action against the professor.

The professor told the school that he had never given a lecture while in the bath previously.