Pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters target several Chinese businesses

Demonstrators and riot police spend Sunday chasing each other after several rallies were held in Hong Kong.

Multiple protests erupted in Hong Kong, some protesters blocked roads, spraying graffiti on pro-China businesses, smashing windows and erecting barricades.

The riot police arrested many after clashes erupted.

On Sunday, hundreds of protesters wearing face masks staged a peaceful march in Kowloon, with only a small group trashing shops and mainland China banks. Police say  petrol bombs were thrown into the entrance of the Kowloon Tong station and a Kowloon government office were set on fire.

Protesters who blocked streets in the Kowloon area of Mongkok, riot police bursted out from an unmarked van to a blockade made of bamboo scaffolding poles to quickly chase and detain protesters.

In Tai Po, after demonstrators tagged several businesses with slogans.

Similar flash mobs and brief clashes were witnessed officers charged into a shopping centre and made.

The protests have now continued for the fourth consecutive month. It all started after an extradition bill that allowed China to take people from Hong Kong and be tried in mainland China. Now the bill has been withdrawn. However, the demands of protesters have widened their agenda seeking democracy and freedom from China.

The Hong Kong government introduced colonial-era emergency laws last week to ban the wearing of face masks at public rallies. Police have arrested more than 2,300 people since the protests began. Since September, nearly 40 percent of those arrested were under the age of 18 and a tenth were under 15. The police have also come under attack for using excessive force against protesters.

This is the worst crisis in Hong Kong since Britain handed it back to China in 1997. Protesters believe China has been eroding Hong Kong’s freedoms, guaranteed under a “one country, two systems” formula introduced with the 1997 handover.

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