Pro-Beijing lawmaker stabbed by fake supporter in Hong Kong

A pro-Beijing lawmaker in Hong Kong was stabbed on the streets by a man pretending to be a supporter.

In a viral footage, a man is seen approaching Junius Ho with flowers before reaching into a bag saying he wants a picture, but instead he charges with a knife.

Ho, who was wounded, and others then wrestled him to the ground.

The lawmaker was then seen being taken into an ambulance. Two other people were also reportedly hurt.

The stabbing is the latest in a series of attacks on people on either side of the Hong Kong protests.

The incident happened when Ho was campaigning for Hong Kong’s elections, that will be held later this month.

The suspect in a blue t-shirt and wearing a back-to-front baseball cap was later arrested.

In July, pro-democracy protesters accused Ho of helping to organise attacks on civilians in Yuen Long station.

Dozens of masked men dressed in white shirts assaulted pro-democracy protesters and passers-by.

Afterwards, Ho reportedly said the attackers were “defending their home and people”, but denied any involvement.

He was also seen shaking hands with the attackers and giving them the thumbs-up.

Ho is a 57-year-old lawyer who became a member of Hong Hong’s Legislative Council in 2016 and in 2017 he created a stir after he was accused of saying protesters should be “killed”.

Junius Ho stabbed
Junius Ho taken in an ambulance

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