Priyanka’s reveals that her mother was unhappy with her wedding

Priyanka Chopra appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Priyanka discussed her wedding with Nick Jonas,  revealed why her mum was unhappy with the wedding, and about her next movies.

Priyanka said that that usual Indian weddings have a huge guest list but her mother Madhu Chopra wasn’t happy with the idea of hosting only 200 guests. Her mom found it hard  not to invite the people she knew.

“How can I not invite my jeweler? How can I not invite my hairdresser?’ So it was a whole conversation,” Priyanka said laughing.

Ellen teased Priyanka for not inviting her to the December wedding in Jodhpur. Priyanka churned it by saying —

“We were so offended that you didn’t even respond to our invite. It’s so true! I was like, “We’re not good enough for Ellen? She wouldn’t come to India? She doesn’t even respond anymore? Nick, you’ve had such a good relationship with her…” I was very offended for him, honestly. But I’m just the wife. I don’t know anything…”

The new Ms. Jonas discussed her next film in which she stars and produces, it’s based on the Wild Wild Country. Priyanka will play Rajneesh/Osho’s influential assistant Ma Anand Sheela.

“We are developing it as the character of Sheela who was this guru who originated from India Rajneesh/Osho’s
right hand woman. And she was just devious and created a whole cult in America, brought people here,” – Priyanka said about her next film.