Prince William and Kate Middleton’s plane forced to abort landing after being hit by lightning

Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate were fine after a Royal Air Force plane carrying the royal couple was forced to abort a landing in Islamabad twice on Thursday and return to Lahore after being caught in a severe thunderstorm.

They were in the air for over two hours for what was supposed to be a 25 minute journey.

The RAF Voyager plane carrying the royals, who are on a four-day official visit to Pakistan, tried to land twice, at Rawalpindi air base and Islamabad international, before it decided to return to Lahore.

William, who has previously worked as a search and rescue helicopter pilot, told reporters after they landed that he and Kate were fine, joking that the problems had been caused because he was flying the plane.

Earlier in the day, William and Kate had visited a government-run school in Islamabad, where they met a group of teenagers and discussed their aspirations from when they were younger. They also took part in a cricket tournament in Lahore, before paying a poignant visit to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, the same hospital which was visited by Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana, in 1996.


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