Prime Minister Modi Awarded Russia’s Highest Civilian Award

The Russian federation has awarded the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi their highest civilian award, “Order of St Andrew the Apostle”.

Russian embassy in a tweet said PM Modi was awarded the order for his “exceptional services in promoting special & privileged strategic partnership between Russia and India”.

After the announcement Prime Minister Modi thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he was “honoured to receive this prestigious award”. “He added “Foundations of India-Russia friendship are deep & the future of our partnership is bright. Pesident Putin remains a source of great strength for the India-Russia friendship. Under his visionary leadership, bilateral and multilateral cooperation between our nations has scaled new heights.”

According to the Russian government, the Order of St Andrew the Apostle was established in the 17th century by Peter the Great around 1699 and is the oldest of Russia’s state decorations.

The Order of St Andrew the Apostle is both the highest and the oldest state decoration of Russia. The order was abolished in the erstwhile Soviet Union in 1918 and was re-established in 1998.

According to the Russian government, “The Order of St Andrew the Apostle is awarded to outstanding politicians and public figures, as well as other citizens of Russia, for exceptional services.”

In 2017, the Chinese president Xi Jinping was a recipient of the Order of St Andrew the Apostle.

With the Russian award, PM Narendra Modi has now been honoured with around seven top global awards.

Quite recently, the Prime Minister was previously awarded the United Arab Emirates’s top honour.

He has also been a winner of awards from countries such as South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Afghanistan during his term in office.

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