President Trump urges President Xi to meet Hong Kong demonstrators to solve problems “Humanely”

US President Donald Trump urged his Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet protesters in Hong Kong who have been demanding democratic reforms.

Hong Kong has been in turmoil for weeks now. Protesters earlier this week caused a chaos at the airport resulting in cancellation of hundreds of flights.

Donald Trump had previously appeared to suggest that he himself should meet President Xi to discuss the crisis in the city.

Millions of Hong Kong citizens have taken part in 10 weeks of anti-government protests.

Also on Thursday, the Chinese ambassador to the UK warned that Beijing would intervene in Hong Kong if events deteriorated further. He said the territory was facing its gravest situation since it was handed back from the UK to China in 1997.

The tumultuous pro-democracy protests were sparked by opposition to a bill that would have allowed extraditions from Hong Kong to mainland China.

In an earlier tweet, Mr Trump said he had “ZERO doubt” that Mr Xi could “humanely solve the Hong Kong problem”.

He also tied the protests to a US trade deal with Beijing, in the face of ongoing trade tensions.

“Of course China wants to make a deal. Let them work humanely with Hong Kong first!” he tweeted.

The controversial extradition bill has now been suspended, but the protests have evolved into a broader movement, with demonstrators expressing anger at alleged police brutality, and demanding democratic reform.

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