President Maduro warns of civil war if crisis persists in Venezuela

The Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said that the crisis in Venezuela could result in civil war. In a TV interview he also warned US and other nations to not interfere in the internal matters of Venezuela.

President Maduro warned the US President Donald Trump would leave the White House strained in blood hands if he intervenes in the crisis. Mr. Maduro also rejected the European Union’s deadline to call in snap elections.

President Nicolas Maduro

Last Month opposition leader and head of Venezuela’s National Assembly Juan Guaidó declared himself as the interim President. United States, Mexico, Brazil and Australia were among nations to recognise this.

However nations like China, Russia, Syria, Iran and Turkey stood against this and called it a coup.

Thousands of supporters belonging to both, Maduro and Guaidó sides are protesting on the streets. Venezuelan President Maduro made it clear that he doesn’t accept or responds to ultimatums. President Maduro enjoys support of the military still.

Self proclaimed President Juan Guaidó has no territorial ground but has immense support from Western nations. He plans to collect aid to help the weakening economy.

Venezuela is suffering from an economic disaster for years together, hyperinflation and shortages of essentials like food and medicine have forced millions to leave Venezuela. Last year Maduro won the elections for another term, but the opposition were jailed, so many boycotted the process. Many claim that elections were rigged.

( The Pigeon Express Opinion– The situation in Venezuela reminds me the Egypt uprising, a people’s movement who wanted change. I hope not if Maduro is underestimating the power of his people, and the idea of democracy.)