President Donald Trump Says “Very Dangerous Situation” Between India and Pakistan

The President of the United States of America Donald Trump has said that the situation between India and Pakistan is “very dangerous”.

The tensions between India and Pakistan escalated after 40 Indian CRPF soldiers were killed in Pulwama by a suicide bomber that belonged to JeM, a terrorist outfit that’s headquartered in Pakistan.

Trump told reporters at the Oval Office –

“Right now between Pakistan and India, there is a very, very bad situation. A very dangerous situation. We would like to see it  stop. A lot of people were just killed. We want to see it just stop. We are very much involved in that.

India is looking at something very strong. India just lost almost 50 people in the attack. I can understand that too.

We’re talking. A lot of people are. It’s going to be a very, very delicate balance. There is a lot of problems between India and Pakistan because of what just happened.

I stopped paying Pakistan the 1.3 billion dollars that we were paying them. We may set up some meetings with Pakistan. Pakistan was taking strong advantage over United States. We’ve had, we’ve developed a better relationship with Pakistan over the last short period of time than we had.”

The Pulwama attacks was the worst terrorist strike in Jammu and Kashmir over the past decade.

The Prime Minister of India has given a free will to the Armed forces to strike back, meanwhile the Pakistani side warned of retaliation.

India is using all diplomatic channels to isolate Pakistan in the international community. India first scrapped the Most Favoured Nation status given to Pakistan, later India hiked custom duty to 200 percent on goods traded with Pakistan.

Earlier this week the United Nations Security Council UNSC condemned the  heinous and cowardly suicide bombing and also named Pakistan-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed, which had claimed responsibility for the attack.