Pregnant French woman mauled to death by dogs

A pregnant woman was killed by dogs in a forest in northern France.

The body of Elisa Pilarski, who was walking her own dogs, was discovered near the town of Villers-Cotterêts. She died after “several dog bites to the upper and lower limbs and the head.”

Elisa Pilarski, was walking in Retz forest, some 80 kilometers from north-east of Paris, on Saturday when she phoned her partner to tell him she was worried that a pack of dogs was about to attack her.

He then made his way to the area, where he later found her body.

Police said they were carrying out tests on 93 dogs and that they had opened a manslaughter investigation.

The tests, comparing fresh DNA samples with those taken from Elisa, will try to establish which animals were responsible for the attack and who they belonged to.

The five dogs that belonged to Elisa were among those being tested.

A post mortem examination showed that the victim six months pregnant at the time of death, suffered dog bites to the head, torso and arms, causing a severe haemorrhage and massive blood loss.

The pack of hounds were out hunting deer in the forest a local newspaper reported.