Powerful tornado rips through Czech Republic causing major damage, hundreds injured

A tornado ripped through multiple villages in south-eastern Czech Republic, injuring over 150 people and causing heavy damage, local media said.

The storm damaged roofs of number of buildings in the southern Breclav and Hodonin districts, uprooting trees and overturning cars.

Half of the village of Hrusky was destroyed by the tornado, Lidove Noviny newspaper reported.

Rescue teams from across the country and also from neighbouring Austria and Slovakia have been deployed.

The tornado wrecked havoc at an old people’s home in the border town of Hodonin. A local zoo too saw massive damage.

The situation looked like a battlefield, said Antonin Tesarik, the director of Hodonin’s hospital, where up to 200 injured people have been treated.

“It was an apocalypse. There was blood everywhere and helpless people in tears. They saved their lives and lost the roofs over their heads.”

The tornado caused power outages leaving more than 100,000 homes without electricity. Traffic disruptions were reported blocking major motorways.

A state of emergency has been declared. In a tweet, Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamacek described the situation as very serious, saying that all available rescue units were being sent to the scene.

Tornadoes are very rarely reported in Europe. Even if there are, they most hit sparsely populated areas.

The United States sees the most number of tornadoes each year, approximately 1,000 on an average. The landscape and proximity to the moist Gulf of Mexico gives the perfect conditions for it’s formation.

Except for Antarctica, all continents on Earth have reported tornadoes.