Pot smoker turned to be blessing for an abandoned tiger

A man who went into an abandoned home to get high in Houston, Texas, U.S.A was lifesaver of an tiger.

The 1000 pounds overweight female tiger was inside a cage with its door unlatched. The tiger was held in the house illegally before the residents abandoned her along with the big house.

The man thought he was hallucinating, however he called the police after confirming that it was a real tiger.

After receiving the phone call Houston’s police and livestock animal cruelty unit responded to rescue the animal. The tiger is believed to be in a very poor medical condition. Due to its wight the tiger had to be manually lifted out of the cage it was stuck in.

The tiger was sent to a BARC centre, an organisation that deals with rescue, care and protection of animals. The BARC unit is looking to contact local sanctuaries to find a new home for the wild cat.

Video of the cat being towed was shared on social media.

The owner of the tiger is still to be identified.