Popular French beach closes after ‘sunbathing’ cows attacks tourists

A beach in France that is famous for its sunbathing cows recently had to temporarily close due to some aggressive behavior from the animals.

Local officials took the opportunity to remind the public that the cows are wild animals and should be given their space.

Authorities temporarily closed the beaches in Corsica, a French-owned island in the Mediterranean, reports said.

The island is famous for having 15,000 cows that roam freely in the island, including the scenic beaches.

Apparently, the animals got used to not having to share the land with people during the past year while tourists were kept away due to lockdown regulations.

Multiple people have recently been attacked by the cows, including one man who was gored in the neck on a beach in Lotu. There was also another incident where a herd of cows chased tourists down a popular street.

A 70-year-old had an extremely close call with death after a cow attacked her while she was hanging her laundry.

According to Francois Acquaviva, mayor of the town of Lozzi, the animal missed striking the woman’s femoral artery by just two centimeters.