Popping a pimple nearly costs a man his life

Popping a pimple has nearly cost a Chinese man his life.

The man called Chen from eastern China’s Jiangsu Province was diagnosed with double pneumonia, an infection which affected both of his lungs, after which he was immediately admitted to ICU.

Chen spotted a pimple on his chin the last month and went on squeezing it all by himself after his mouth was swollen and red. Concerned, his wife took Chen to the First People’s Hospital in Changzhou where he was diagnosed with double pneumonia.

Chen’s condition was finally getting better after being treated at the ICU for a month, however, he is still in the unit and has been kept under observation.

The triggered double pneumonia and led to collapsed lungs.

Dr Zhu, the doctor who treated Chen informed that the spot of the face where Mr Chen popped the pimple is known as Triangle of Death, which is quite dangerous. This is so because picking the skin on this part of the face might lead to some serious implications for overall health.

Dr Zhu clarified that the area from the tip of the nose to a point on either side of the lips, roughly where pimples usually appear, is known as the Triangle of death.

The veins in the “danger triangle” ultimately lead back to the cavernous sinus, located in our brain. If we pop a pimple with our dirty hands, it causes infections after which the veins form clots puts pressure on the brain, causing partial or full paralysis.