Police, lawyers riot over parking dispute at Tis Hazari Court complex

Dozens of lawyers and police personnel were injured after they clashed over a parking dispute at the Tis Hazari Court complex in New Delhi on Saturday afternoon.

A police car was set ablaze in the violence, sending a columns of thick smoke into the city’s already unbreathable air. At least eight other cars were set ablaze.

The clashes injured at least 10 police personnel.

Meanwhile, the lawyers alleged that a colleague was admitted to the nearby St Stephen’s Hospital after being shot by cops, but the police denied firing.

The trouble began when a lawyer entered into a dispute with some cops after his car grazed a police van while parking. A senior lawyer was quoted, “they put him in the lockup and beat him up badly … several judges went there to secure his release, but the police wouldn’t give in.”

The lawyers barricaded themselves inside the court premises during the violence, preventing police and media persons from entering. Others went on the rampage.

10 fire engines were called in to douse the blaze.

In light of the Tis Hazari Court incident, advocates of lower courts will be on strike on November 4.  They will also submit a memorandum to the Commissioner of Police and the Home Ministry about the Tis Hazari incident.

The Bar Council of India is sending a team to take stock of the situation and to decide further course of action. They have also appealed to the advocates to maintain peace and not to take law in their hands.