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Police arrest youtubers for scaring people in a prank video

A group of seven ‘Youtubers’ were arrested in Bangalore for pranking residents.

Donning long nails, white gowns, wigs and red paint resembling blood, the members of the group had dressed like “ghosts” and went around scaring people on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday in Shariff Nagar area of Yeshwanthpur.

One of the group members was recording the videos of people’s reaction when they saw the ‘ghost’. Others were shouting at the passers-by, waking up and scaring the pavement-dwellers. They also threatened and sent back auto-rickshaws and cars that were ferrying passengers to the railway station at that hour.

“They claim to be ‘Youtubers’ and wanted to upload these videos on Youtube,” said N Shashikumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru North.

The police said they were alerted by few locals who said that the group might be trying to commit theft in the guise of such pranks. “We arrested one person and found large number of videos in his phone. After interrogation and going through his profile, we do know their intention was only to commit pranks and upload the video on Youtube,” the DCP said.

However, they were booked for violating prohibitory orders that were imposed in the city after the Ayodhya Verdict.

All arrested were given bail as they were booked in bailable offences such as wrongful restraint.

The DCP said that even though they were only pranking the people, but the way they portrayed themselves as ghosts in the middle of the night was dangerous.

“What if they had tried to stop a two-wheeler that was moving on high speed? There could have been an accident,” the DCP pointed out.

While the parents of the boys aged between 18 to 25 pleaded with the police to let go of their kids.