PM Narendra Modi’s niece gets robbed in New Delhi

Two men snatched the handbags of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s niece in New Delhi. Delhi Police have got the CCTV footage of the crime spot.

Damyanti Ben Modi came to Delhi from Amritsar on Saturday morning. She took an auto-rickshaw to reach the Civil Lines area in North Delhi. At around 7 am she reached Gujarati Samaj Bhawan. While she was getting off from the three-wheeler two men suddenly appeared on a scooty and swooped at her.

Delhi Police spokesperson Anil Mittal while speaking with the media said the police were closing in on the accused with the help of the CCTV footage.

While talking to the media the PM’s relative said, “I came to Delhi from Amritsar with family and was going to Gujarati Samaj Bhawan. As soon as the auto-rickshaw reached the gate of the Bhawan two men swooped at me. They were riding on a scooty.”

“Before I could understand anything they fled with my purse that contained more than Rs. 50,000 cash, two mobile phones and some important documents. I had to take a flight to Ahmedabad on Saturday evening and the tickets were in that purse. Now, I don’t know how it would be managed. It was a bad experience to visit Delhi,” she added.

The irony here is that the Prime Minister and his government is responsible for the security of the citizens of Delhi as it is the Union territory.

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